Clare Caldwell – Reiki

Clare Caldwell

HND Inst. Man, HNC Comp. Therapies, Reiki Master, Qualified Mickel Therapy Practitioner.

Clare Caldwell

Reiki is a gentle but effective hands-on technique that works on the body on a number of levels; – emotional and spiritual.

In Eastern medicine the concept upon which this is based is more familiar. Reiki is usually translated from Japanese as `Universal Life Energy`. In quantum physics we know that the basic building block for everything in the universe is energy. In Reiki the practitioner acts as a channel for energy to flow through the body clearing congestions or blockages in the energy flow through the body.

The Background:-

This  technique was rediscovered at the end of the nineteenth century by Dr Mikao Usui and has since spread around the world, practiced by thousands of therapists.

What happens in a Reiki session?

You will have the opportunity to discuss any problems that are concerning you should you so wish. You will then be asked to lie fully clothed on a couch and made comfortable with pillows and relaxing music.

Clare will then place her hands over your head and body in a number of positions whilst you relax. Many people find they fall asleep, awaking with a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.

Aftercare advice:-

Most people report a feeling of relaxation and increased well-being. You may feel energised straight away. Some people may feel slightly fatigued for a short time in the following hours. This is normal, as the body re-balances itself. Should this occur you should rest for a short time to allow your body to carry on the process. For this reason it is wise not to plan any strenuous exercise for 24 hours after a treatment.

Drink plenty of water to aid the body`s detoxification process after the treatment.

Make note of any changes to discuss with Clare at your next session.

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First Appointment £45.00 approx 1 hour 15 mins.
Follow-up appointments: £40.00