Clare Caldwell – Reflexology

Clare Caldwell

Hnd Inst. Man, Hnc Comp. Therapies Msht.  

Accredited Mickel Practitioner & Trainer

Clare Caldwell

What is Reflexology?

The principle behind it is that there are lines of energy called meridians that flow through every part of the body. The feet contain reflex zones that correspond to every part of the body and the meridians.

During a treatment the feet are therapeutically massaged during which areas of congestion or imbalance are detected and worked upon. When these are cleared the body can return to homeostasis or balance.

You may experience many of the following;-

A feeling of deep relaxation and increased wellbeing.
Stress relief and release of tension
Improvement in sleep patterns
Balancing of mind, spirit and emotions
Clare Caldwell is a qualified Clinical Reflexologist and has completed further training in reflexology during pregnancy.

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First Appointment £45.00 (approx 1 hour 15 mins)
Follow up sessions £40.00 (approx 1 hour)