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Thelma Middleton

BSc(Hons), Nutrtional Therapy, NLP Practitioner, mBANT, NTCC





Nutritional Therapy…What is it? And what can it do for me?

Those have to be the two most frequently asked questions by prospective clients at the Nutritional Health Practice. And the answer is, Nutritional Therapy aims to transform your well-being and enhance your health through the foods that you eat, at any age.

Nutritional therapy takes into consideration the whole body and studies your unique health history, symptoms, stresses. lifestyle, environment and genetic inheritance. The importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle has never been more widely publicised. But how do we make sense of this tangle of often conflicting advice?

This is where the services of a Nutritional Therapist can help and one of the reasons why Thelma has  established The Nutritional Health Practice as a unique consultancy based on the theory and practice of functional medicine in our Highland area.

About Thelma:-

I qualified to honours degree status from Middlesex University and The Centre for Nutrition Education which is one of the leading educators in Nutrition within the UK. I also completed a separate qualification in applied psychology which is invaluable when encouraging clients to make diet and lifestyle changes. I also write for the leading scientific journal The Nutrition Practitioner, supervise student clinics in Scotland and regularly attend post-graduate seminars so that my clients can benefit from the most recent research into cutting-edge treatments and tests.

At all times, I aim to create healthful, nutritional strategies unique to each client through the powerful combination of one-to-one consultation, metabolic profiling (where appropriate) and life skills techniques. I will provide advise on how nutrition can promote the body’s natural capacity for health and will at all times be informed by the latest scientific research.”

About Nutritional Therapy

Nutrional Therapy is the bedrock for any proactive approach to managing your health. I use my scientific training to assess your individual metabolism, diet, lifestyle and any test results to devise a tailored nutritional programme to maximise your health. I carefully analyse your detailed health history to detect and deal with underlying causes of sub-optimal health rather than just treat the symptoms you may be experiencing – it is never too late to act. Most people find that even small changes can have a positive impact on how they look and feel.

Who Can It Help?

Certain conditions and illnesses appear to be linked to particular shortfalls in diet. For our body to be working at its most efficient, it needs to take in and absorb the correct balance of nutrients. Each of us is unique and as such, have unique dietary and nutritional requirements. This is where a personalised nutritional programme from a well qualified Nutritional Therapist can enhance our potential for good health. In order to achieve this, I provide you with a comprehensive nutritional profile and food plan so that you are equipped to make the changes your body needs. Nutritional Therapy may also support pre-existing medical conditions such as

  • digestive and bowel disorders;
  • diabetes;
  • cardiovascular conditions;
  • stress; fatigue;
  • hormonal imbalances such as PMS and menopause;
  • arthritis and related conditions; migraine;
  • post viral and immune disorders;
  • preconceptual care;
  • detoxing; weight loss/gain;
  • cancer support to name but a few.

There can be no disease state where being suboptimally nourished is conducive to improvement or recovery.

Professional Regulation

Nutritional Therapy is a strictly regulated profession and a well qualified thereapist is recognised by the Department of Health, NHS and other health service providers. As a member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Nutritional Therapy Council, Thelma is professionally insured and bound by a strict code of ethics and practice.

Please call 01463 713614 for more advice or to make an appointment

First appointment – 1 hour – £115

Follow up appointment – 30 minutes – £60

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