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Dealing with anxiety can stop you enjoying life to the full

I help people move past stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.

We ALL experience nerves anxiety, it’s part of being human.

But some of us experience anxiety as panic attacks, we may even struggle to get out of bed or leave the house.

Some of us experience anxiety as a shadow or feeling that follows us around all day. We feel like we are white-knuckling through life, surviving rather than thriving. Everything has a scary spin to it even lunch with friends.

And some of us experience anxiety more subtly. It is only obvious during stressful times or big changes: final exams, illness, divorce, a new job , or moving house.

We all experience butterflies in the stomach , but if you feel limited by that anxiety then its time to do something about it.
Self-confidence, self-esteem.

Not thinking the best of your self can limit your life and your options and enjoyment .

Donald will work with you to increase your confidence and self-esteem and live the life you deserve.

Improving Sports Performance .

Using the latest performance and mental skills strategies you will learn to perform in competition like you do in practice.

Career Planning and Transitions

Coaching on making the most of your skills and talents in the work place.

Interview Preparation and dealing with nerves.

Learn how to get the job of your dreams and deal with interview nerves.

Successful Exam Taking

Passing exams is a skill. Learn how to pass exams with ease and deal with any pre-exam nerves you have.
Weight Loss

Lose weight naturally and with ease and be confident in your body.


Initial Session 60–90 mins £95
Subsequent sessions 60 mins £75


Donald MacNaughton has many years of experience working in personal development across the UK and USA. After his initial study of sport psychology, Donald went on to achieve a 1st class honours degree in Businesses and Sport Studies. On completing his studies, Donald first pursued a career in finance in London before returning to his passion for sports and developing human potential and he then went onto study with some of the biggest names in Personal Development.
MacNaughton’s unique combination of personal development, human potential and sport psychology skills enables individuals to maximize their potential, with Donald’s belief that the mental lessons adopted by the world’s most successful people, are equally effective when applied in everyday life.

“By gaining an understanding of the laws of performance, you gain an opportunity to play your game at the highest level. When you connect with the things that you feel most passionate about in life, you tap into your own inspirational energy source; a powerful and motivational source of energy that drives you towards realising your full potential in whatever you do.”