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Clare Caldwell is Head Practitioner at Mickel Therapy.

She has extensive experience as a Mickel Practitioner.  She also trains new Mickel therapists and leads the Mickel Therapy supervision team.

Clare experienced the symptoms of chronic fatigue (or ME as it was then called) in 1988.  She was unable to work for over a year then managed to return for a while then was struck again and became mostly bed-bound and wheelchair bound for the next 15 years.

She tried to find a cure through her GP in London and when that drew a blank she widened the search trying many different therapies with little success until she found Mickel Therapy and returned fully to symptom free health after just 7 sessions.

Clare trained with Dr Mickel in 2006 and has worked with approaching 1,000 people since that time helping to guide them back to health.

She became Head of Supervision in 2012 and in 2013 became lead trainer for new therapists.

Since returning to health as a result of Mickel Therapy Clare has worked hard to raise awareness.  “In the area where I live many people know about the work I am doing but I feel deep disappointment when I think of how many people are struggling courageously with symptoms.  We could be helping them if only they knew about the work we are doing.”

Clare is part of the management team where she is using her extensive experience and previous management skills and knowledge to assist the team.  Their aim is to raise awareness and promote research in Mickel Therapy and the disorders it can help.

She works with people from many parts of the world and is interested in exploring how our cultural conditioning and expectations affect our health and the way we respond to the symptoms of illness.

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First Appointment:-  £90.00 (1 to 2 hours)

Follow up Appt:-        £90.00 (1 hour)

Clare will contact you via telephone or email before your first appointment.

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