Reflexology in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Clare Caldwell

Clare Caldwell
HND Inst. Man, HNC Comp. Therapies

Reflexology in Pregnancy and Childbirth

A study at the Gentofte Hospital in Copenhagen revealed that reflexology is beneficial to women during the labour of childbirth. 58 out of 60 women giving birth experienced “outstanding pain relief using reflexology treatment” and 11 out of 14 women were able to avoid surgery under general anaesthesia. Dr Carsten Lenstrup was so impressed by the results that he said: “Taken as a whole, the results are so good that I am not in any doubt that reflexology can give many women a better, easier and less painful delivery than they would have had otherwise”. (1)

The findings of the Gentofte study were supported by a further study carried out by Dr Gowri Motva at the Jeyrani Birth Centre on the effects of reflexology on pregnant women. 37 pregnant women completed a course of 10 reflexology treatments with remarkable effect. The average length of the first stage of labour was 5 hours whereas the text book average is 16-24 hours; the second stage of labour lasted an average of 16 minutes compared to the text book expectancy of 1 – 2 hours and only 5.4% of the women who had reflexology treatment required emergency caesarean section compared to an average of 13% in Newham district which was the district where the study was conducted. (2)

(1) Reported in “Berrlingske Tidende” 15 July 1988
(2) Reflexology Association – Research Co-ordinator Kristine Walker

Reflexology during pregnancy is recognised by many small scale studies to improve health and well-being and to have beneficial effects on the labour itself.
Reflexology is based on Chinese medicine and involved gentle manipulation of the feet in order to improve health and well-being at evey stage of life. It works the whole body and its systems and in pregnancy has been seen to have the positive effects on the following symptoms and conditions.

Morning sickness
Stress and anxiety
Tension headaches and migraines
Digestive problems
Bladder problems
Symphisis pubis dysfunction
Oedema or swelling of the feet and legs
Promotes a feeling of relaxation, health and wellbeing
Improves sleep
Balances emotions
Your treatments will be very relaxing particularly focusing on this benefit of reflexology. Reflexology should commence after the first trimester at intervals of once a month stepping to weekly or two weekly in the final stages in consultation with your reflexologist.

Clare Caldwell is a qualified Clinical Reflexologist and has completed further training in reflexology during pregnancy.

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