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Ita Hughes

Clinical Hypnotherapist, LCCH, NLP Practitioner, RGN, Complementary Therapies HND

About Me.
I have a fascination with helping people tune in to their own abilities and let go of unhelpful limiting beliefs and fears they may have acquired when they were less mature and discerning.
As a young person I experienced crippling fear, and lack of self worth and my overarching desire is to allow my clients be released from that which prevents them from becoming powerful achievers in their life journey.
My belief is that every person has a well of untapped potential which hypnosis can activate.
Clients who visit my practice want to become empowered, confident and self assured but dont know how to achieve their goals.
I work with the intention that healing comes from within and in order to tap into their natural strengths offer them a set of techniques to practice daily which will support them alongside hypnotherapy.
As a result Self limiting beliefs are released and their true potential activated.
Diploma in clinical hypnosis. Neuro Linguistic Certificate. Higher national diploma in advanced reflexology.
Registered General Nurse, currently working with clients who have cognitive disabilities.
I specialize in phobic states.
Phobia is from the greek word meaning fear.
A phobia is an excessive fearful response to a trigger sometimes from the past when the person was much younger. This anxiety response is stored in their unconscious mind and can be released through hypnosis.When a phobia is released, there is a wonderful sense of being free from that crippling anxiety. Clients have commented on how much they have enjoyed their holiday, that their flight phobia had dissapeared following three to four hypnotherapy sessions.
Many other benefits of hypnosis include increased self esteem which allow clients to perform really well at interviews and get the job they have always wanted, or passing that driving test, when they were becoming convinced this would not happen, due to previous nervous anxiety, causing them to underperform.


Client testimonies.
I visited Ita for some sessions for anxiety attacks……She has helped me a great deal….I would recommend her to anyone who needs help..HR
“I had come out of a 30 year relationship. My self esteem was rock bottom.
Ita taught me relaxation techniques…I initially used daily for ten months, when I had panic attacks and when I woke up at night.
Now my self esteem has come on in leaps and bounds and I am tackling projects I thought I could never do…………..Thank You Ita,”

“After my sessions with ita, I was able to stop smoking and stay stopped…….My health and fitness have greatly improved,and I know I will never smoke again.” Lee.
“Ita Has enabled me to find an inner strength, I didn’t know I had, which has meant I have discovered things I have only dreamed of…………and I have lost all of the weight I have wanted to lose”.Heather.



Initial Appointment:- £75.00 (1 hour approx)

Follow Up Appts:-        £65.00 (1 hour approx)


Smoking Cessation (stop smoking):- £180.00 (course of treatments)

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