Foot problems?

Ingrowing Toenail:- A nail that digs into the flesh at the edge of the nail. The big toes are most commonly affected, however any toenail can become ingrowing. Usually painful when the flesh around the toe is touched and as it progresses the toe will throb and become very painful. You may notice discharge from the area as ingrown nails can often become infected.

Fungal Nail Infection:- When the nails are infected by fungus they will often change colour and can appear white, yellow or brown. The nail may become brittle and begin to split. The fungal infection may spread to other nails.

Cracked Heels:- Cracked or fissured heels occur when there is a build up of hard skin or callus at the edge of the heels. They become so hard that they split causing the area to appear cracked. Sometimes the cracks are deep, can bleed and become very painful.

Corns & Calluses:- Areas on the foot which are small lumps of hard skin or diffused areas of thickened hard skin. They can cause a burning sensation and generalized discomfort.

Verrucae:- Often painful due to their location, verrucae can range from 1mm to over 1cm in diameter. They commonly occur in pressure areas and are round or oval in shape. They have an irregular surface and may bleed when scratched. Patients can end up with an altered position and gait as they avoid putting weight over the affected area.

Plantar Fasciitis:- The most common cause of heel pain, the plantar fascia is a tough and flexible band of tissue that runs under the sole of the foot, connecting the heel bone with the rest of the bones in the foot acting as a shock absorber. Intense pain in the heel/arch, with pain in the morning or after long rest periods is caused by tiny tears developing inside the tissue, building up a thick layer.

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